Bitrix24 in Singapore

Bitrix24 in Singapore

Bitrix24 is a highly secure, turnkey intranet solution for businesses designed for effective collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow and knowledge management. The product enables increased employee productivity, motivation and awareness and smoother internal operations. Need free Bitrix24 for 12 users?

Bitrix24 in Singapore

Employee directory

Any information about company structure and employees, encompassing who is head of what department, birthdays, or anything else, can easily be found and displayed in the intranet.

Find Employee

Employee search can be performed by name, email, telephone number, department or sub-department, and results can be further filtered by parameters like my office, online, or letter of the alphabet. Search results provide full employee profile information and means of contact. A complete or filtered list of search results can be exported to Excel. The full list of contacts themselves can be exported to Outlook or via CardDAV to mobile devices.


Multiple Divisions and Offices

For most organization, a user group, workgroup, or a combination of both are adequate to represent different departments in the intranet. The Multiple Divisions Intranet feature, available in BizPace Enterprise only, allows separate versions of the corporate portal to be launched for each division or department. This functionality specially made for companies with multiple offices and branch locations which need to have a large degree of autonomy. In essence, each branch has its own intranet that can have a separate structure and design. Simultaneously, integration among the departments and with the main office is maintained. The number of divisions that can be created is not limited.

Users can visit the company intranet, the intranet of their department, and, depending on the settings, the intranets of other departments.

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Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is a single-point for employees to get updates on projects and workgroups, carry on discussions with colleagues, view comments, receive documents and files, and manage or create new tasks, etc. The Activity Stream, which is available on the Intranet home page and in each workgroup, displays only those updates and discussion threads that a user is involved in (or has access to).

The Activity Stream is the center point of the Social Intranet template interface. And one of the major innovations is viewing by category: “All”, “Work”, “Bookmarks”, “My Activity”, “Announcement”. This allows you to filter the stream quickly and select exactly what you need from any number of events in the stream. Bookmarking helps you keep important items close at hand, as well.

External information from sources such as RSS or other enterprise software can be displayed in the Activity Stream by means of the open API (REST, SOAP).

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Task Management

With Bitrix24, managing tasks is simple. Tasks can be set for individual users or inside workgroups. In fact, true Project Management is possible in workgroups by utilizing the Gantt chart, time tracking, reminders, and other features of Bitrix24.

Tasks are presented a number of eye-pleasing layouts that offer easy viewing, editing, and browsing from task to task without page reload. But the simplicity of the interface hides powerful functionality. The new tasks system contains a great number of nuances, the most notable of which are listed below.

  • nested tasks;
  • duplicated tasks;
  • periodic (repeating) tasks;
  • Gantt diagram for project visualization;
  • tasks with multiple participants;
  • task observers;
  • monitoring of task progress;
  • positive/negative evaluations;
  • comments within tasks;
  • file attachments within tasks;
  • checklists;
  • quick-launch tasks;
  • task templates;
  • task dashboard with filters;
  • integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Export to Excel;
  • self-assignment or creation as if assigned by a superior;
  • reminders and notifications;
  • integration with Time Management;
  • tasks from Extranet visible in Intranet;
  • productivity (efficiency) reports.
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Time Management

The Time Management 2.0 system is multi-faceted tool that does much more than clock employees in and out. The Work Day interface also helps with task planning for the day and provides a space for a daily report.

This gadget is designed to increase discipline by giving users a useful planning tool and can be set by management to any level of strictness. The system records the beginning and end of each working day, and employees can ‘back-date’ their clock times by asking for the approval and confirmation of their supervisor. Accessible as a pull-down in the header, the gadget allows employees to:

  • create their own work time reports;
  • plan the day’s task and events;
  • record breaks in the working day;
  • finish the working day and write a task summary;
  • change the clock-in or clock-out time;
  • view a work time summary for the month.
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The Forums feature supports the creation of an unlimited number of forums and threads within these forums. Forums can be created at the corporate level and within workgroups.

unlimited quantity of forums in the intranet;
moderated and post-moderated forums;
forum titles for users, such as guest, partner, expert, novice, learned hand, or others;
rating system for forum visitors;
subscription to updates in forums;
filter mechanism for censored words;
upload of files in posts;
profile settings and avatar;
private messages to registered visitors;
Send&Save technology.

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Mobile & Desktop Apps

Free Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Stay in touch with your colleagues and business partners 24/7. Using the free Bitrix24 App, you can access your social intranet and collaborate on projects from anywhere! You can view contact details of your co-workers, read news in your Activity Stream, manage files, schedule events, monitor tasks, post comment and ‘like’ things that are being discussed, as well as work with the CRM. Downloaded it now in the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Market.

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Intuitive Search

Bitrix24 offers high-performance search of all content with smart ranking of results and sorting of data source. The system indexes contents of files of Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat documents and enables connection of third-party file parsers for search in specific formats. Files stored in external folders which are mapped and displayed in the intranet can also be indexed.

An important and distinctive feature is compliance with the corporate data security policy. The search results are filtered with respect to the user access rights before being displayed.

Bitrix24 offers on demand or immediate data indexing, making content searchable right after its submission. Users may create complex search queries using query language, inclusion/exclusion masks and logic operators, as well as choose specific intranet sections for a highly targeted search. The technology supports AJAX-powered interactive pages, provides advanced taxonomy service with automatic tag cloud generation, supports Google Sitemap, and offers a user-specific search form design. The morphological search feature covers word variations in English, German and Russian and can be expanded easily by connecting third-party stemming tables of desired languages.

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Business Process Management

Business Processes bring the power of the intranet right to the places that need it most – the daily, repeated, inestimably valuable operations of your business. Bitrix24 offers several standard Business Process templates in all editions of the product, and there is a visual business process editor in the BizPace edition which can be used to create and modify templates.

Business process templates can be imported and exported from the system and applied to information blocks. To be clear concerning terminology, the template is the flow-chart, and a business process is actually an individual application of a template (to a document or list item, for example). But let’s lay some groundwork first.

Business Processes

A Business Process is an operation which progresses through a series of stages which are defined in a flow chart, some of which are automated and some of which require the action of persons participating in the business process. The goal of business process management is to standardize commonly occurring operations to optimize the speed, transparency, and quality with which they are performed.

A BPM (Business Process Management) tool, such as what Bitrix24 contains, allows the planning, execution and monitoring of business processes on objects (usually documents and CRM items, but not always). Incorporated into this tool are simple steps from which larger processes are built, as well as support for viewing the status at any time and a log of all actions taken over the course of the business process.

There are two types of Business Processes: sequential processes and status-driven processes.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System in Bitrix24 BizPace edition handles interaction with clients and potential clients, and/or with partners, journalists, and other persons. It objective is to provide a convenient and transparent tool which improves relationship quality and therefore the bottom line.

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The e-Learning module enables you to create online training courses, conduct tests and certify users. This module allows creation of an unlimited number of online training courses and tests for your employees.

  • SCORM file format export / import.
  • Audio and video content can be placed inside the course pages and within the test questions from the front-end.
  • All results achieved by a student / participant are registered and can be tracked in a journal.
  • Attempts log (attempts directory) reflects the progress of a student in passing the tests.
  • Automatic test grading allows displaying test results instantly on the web page.
  • Manual grading support for essay-type answers.
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HelpDesk Services

Bitrix24 is equipped with a professional Helpdesk service. Organize technical support services to create a transparent and efficient method for service requests. The time and energy saved by accurate communications will be noticeable for both the service providers and the request writers.

Employees can make requests or ask questions, receive and evaluate replies, and continue the discussion if necessary. The site administration can control the support service in real time, appoint and define persons in charge, evaluate quality and efficiency, and more.

  • a support ticket can be created by filling out a special form in the intranet, or by sending an email to an email address set up to handle the creation of support tickets
  • different categories of support can be configured
  • priority levels (high, medium, low, etc.)
  • satisfaction level entered by user who created ticket (e.g. problem solved, answer incomplete, etc.)
  • spam filter and deletion
  • flexible number of ticket status levels (e.g. accepted, in process, completed)
  • pull-down list for most commonly used responses
  • assignment of question according to category of inquery
  • ticket history
  • service-level agreement
  • hidden comments section for tech support team in each ticket
  • clear labeling of time and author of each entry
  • option to form workgroups with tech support clients for better communications and resolving of complex problems
  • access permissions
  • monitoring of helpdesk support and statistics
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Records Management

Simplified (Common) Lists help you manage record-based data directly in the front end of the intranet. Suppliers’ directories, product catalogs, expense items, etc. It’s all very easy to create and organize! This feature is available in the BizPace editions of the product.


  • construction of data fields for any type of object, including files;
  • all functionality available from the front end;
  • access settings for each list;
  • filters, sorting, column display, group editing, easy assignment of access permissions, import and export, etc.
  • any hierarchical structure for storing objects can be implemented;
  • unlimited number of lists in the public section and in each workgroup;
  • integration of business processes;
  • synchronization with SharePoint.
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Security for your intranet is performed by Bitrix’ unique Proactive Protection module, which combines technical and organizational measures to combat potentially malicious code that has undergone modification and whose function is still unknown. The Proactive Protection technology significantly increases security of web-based applications.

  • Protection level settings in Control Panel
  • Proactive filter (Web Application FireWall)
  • Web Antivirus
  • One Time Password technology
  • Protection of authorized sessions
  • Activity control
  • Intrusion log
  • IP based Control Panel protection
  • Stop lists
  • Script integrity control

MS Outlook

Bitrix24 integrates closely with MS Outlook with tasks, contacts, and calendars. Any number of calendars from the Bitrix24 can be displayed in Outlook and updates made in either product will show up in the other automatically. Tasks can be similarly connected. Contacts can be exported from the intranet to Outlook, so new employees can quickly put all of their new colleagues in their personal Outlook with a single click.

This synchronization is especially convenient for planning meetings involving several people. Personal calendars, company calendars and workgroup calendars can all be taken into account when planning. Furthermore, setting up this integration is extremely easy, involving a couple clicks and less than a minute.

Two-way integration with MS Outlook utilizes SharePoint lists based on SOAP. Thus, it is completely compliant with Microsoft specifications!

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Front-end editing of content and structure

An extensive set of convenient features in the interface and interface settings adds a lot of convenience to regular product and content management. Click-away editing of content, layouts and structure in the front-end lets the organization quickly customize the intranet’s appearance. The ribbon-style administrative console in the front end and an adaptive interface in the back-end put the most commonly used tools at the editor’s fingertips.

This system reduces errors and speeds up the process of getting familiar with the system for each user.

  • simple interface for content and page management
  • edit mode view allows user to click directly on objects to modify them
  • roll-back of most recent modification
  • minimized regime of front-end editing ribbon console
  • role-sensitive access to content and features
  • creation and editing of pages with WYSIWYG editor
  • Start-style Menu button for easy access to back end tools
  • page and section builder with templates for complex objects (forums or doc libraries)
  • support of cache dependencies
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The external view of the intranet is determined by a design template. The product includes two templates (Classic Intreanet and Social Intranet). The design template is chosen at the time of installation, but can be change at any time afterward.

Bitrix24 allows loading and integration of customized templates. It is worth noting that functional aspects of the product can be made available or hidden by templates.

The number of templates used is not limited. For each template, conditions for its use can be set, for example, for the days leading up to a holiday, a specific user group, section of the site, or more complex conditions.

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