Are you a Google Apps User? Try Killer Ways for your Task Management!

Being a Google apps user, you have three simple, yet solid options of keeping track of your actionable tasks, project lists, and calendar. You can take the best advantage of these task management options.

We know that you are having butterflies in your stomach and you can’t wait long to know about these options. So, we would not drag our conversation here rather we would jump towards the discussion of those options: it’s GQueues, Todoist, and Google Tasks that are already doing wonders for Google apps users.

Google Tasks is the part of the core suite of Google Apps. GQueues and Todoist can be added from the marketplace of Google Apps.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks exists pleasantly inside Google Calendar and Gmail. In actual, it exists so well that you might not even know about its existence. With the help of Google Tasks, you can view your tasks from Gmail, as well as create Calendar events and Tasks from an email.

The Google Tasks is been considered as a useful tool for smartphones because of its simplicity. If you are a user of an android phone, you can easily get Google Tasks, which truly reproduces functionality of tasks and offers great synchronization with your Google Account. For users of iPhone, there are two options that nicely stand out. One option is to make use of Google Mobile app, which contains tasks. The second option is to make your browser point towards


Todoist provides enterprise users sign-in integration with Google Apps. Todoist offers cleanly-designed application of web, along with native iOS and Andriod apps. The chrome extension of Todoist matches the Google Tasks extension functionality. You can modify and review your lists through extension in your browser.

There are two ways in which Todoist is different from Google Tasks. First is the display of tasks. In Google Tasks, tasks are being displayed on the same window like Google Calendar or Gmail, which makes tasks to be easily glanced by users. In Todoist, tasks are displayed either in a separate tab of browser or by clicking browser extension.  There is more switching of attention instead of catching. The second difference is that of synchronization, date-specific tasks are synchronized to Google Calendar regularly, not like Google Tasks in which date-specific tasks get synchronized instantly.


GQueues provides integration of Google Apps, along with native iOS and Android apps. The chrome extension of GQueues Chrome enables task creation with a single click. GQueues provides excellent task management for Google Apps with assignments, tagging, reminders, recurring tasks, subtasks, calendar integration, real-time collaboration and offline mobile access. GQueues allows managers to manage tasks. They just need the email address of an individual to assign that task. Once the task is assigned, the assignee receives task notification.


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