AcerCloud, Acer’s cloud computing solution, gets iOS support and Remote Access

AJ Dellinger| Digitaltrends

Don’t have enough cloud storage options to choose from yet? Well Acer’s got you covered. The Taiwan-based computer company is giving Apple mobile users a chance to access their files by offering a new iOS app and rolling out remote access over wireless connections. Acer’s AcerCloud option is slightly different than most cloud storage solutions. Available free for Acer customers, AcerCloud allows users to designate a home computer as a “Cloud PC.”

Users will then be able to gain access to the files on the hard drive of said computer from anywhere. The benefits of this, according to Acer, is users will no longer run into storage capacity caps as the cloud is as big as your home PC’s hard drive is. This essentially gives you access to your own personal cloud. Of course, this doesn’t offer any real help of backing up your files in case the hard drive on your PC crashes, but you can always get a different cloud service for that.

The new remote access will allow users to not just manage files, but also upload from and download to mobile devices. Available for Windows Phone, Android, and now iOS, AcerCloud can be accessed via Wi-Fi or cell networks.

AcerCloud will be available for iOS — and updates will be available on other platforms — sometime this month. Improvements to features like AcerCloud Docs, which allows access to Windows Office files on any device, and PicStream will also be included in the update. Acer plans to bundle all its computers with the AcerCloud service starting in the second quarter of 2013.


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