A New Version of Zoho Creator- Providing Singapore based Businesses a Ladder to Next Level

Zoho Creator- an easy-to-use and powerful platform for making online data base applications recently got rewarded by Zoho with a broad set of features and upgrades. For Singapore based businesses, this new version of Zoho has brought a long list of benefits; businesses can now build sophisticated, useful and custom database application devoid of spending a lot of money or time. Business owners can now take their business to the next level by efficiently collaborating and creating on these custom applications. So, if you owe a business in Singapore, then keep on scrolling down your mouse to see what benefits Zoho Creator has brought for you.

New Web Interface

Your business depends on underlying applications in order to run smoothly. You automate a large number of these applications for consistent, fast results, but somehow you need to spend a lot of time on physical tasks to bridge major processes across these applications. You can now make your application building processes easier and faster with this new Zoho Creator. In new Zoho Creator, the process of application building has been simplified, therefore decreasing the amount of time it takes to create a new, customized database application. The newly added features such as dashboard for applications, inline editing, the search tab and contextual linking can enhance your business accessibility.

Mobile Applications

As mobility being the major concern for a large number of businesses in Singapore including yours, so you can hinge on Zoho Creator that is now offering native apps for Android and iOS devices. Using Mobile applications feature, you can get access to critical information Anytime! Anywhere! Using these mobile applications, you can delete, edit and add data within the app. In addition to this, you can also filter, search, sort, group and apply custom actions of data.



SMS Notification Feature

Using newly added SMS notification feature of Zoho Creator, you can instantly send time-critical information to your business employees.  This feature has been integrated with main services of SMS like Hoiio, Screen Magic, Clockwork SMS, Twilio and Clickatell


Robust Customer Portal

If your business is serving a large number of clients, you can improve your business collaboration by using newly added customer portal feature of Zoho Creator. Using customer portal you can share critical information and application with important clients. Your customers can simply access this portal by logging in with a username and password. Through this portal users can view review reports, access relevant applications, and find resources that you select to share with them. For instance, client can log into an ordering portal of an online store and can place orders via the application of order management, view the history of their orders and get order related help from customer support staff. Using this customer portal feature, you can reduce the number of your business resources as you can manage the applications using this single portal.



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