8 Common & Costly Website Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Hollis Thomases | Inc

Don’t bother to have a website if you’re making these obvious, fundamental errors.

When you design or redesign your website, don’t overlook the basics. Educate yourself, and ask all the questions you’re entitled to.

To get you started, here’s a checklist of common website mistakes:

1. Your site doesn’t look right on phones.

Mobile now accounts for 12% of global Internet traffic, and it’s scaling faster than the desktop did. If your website is not mobile enabled, you’re going to miss out on a growing population of users. You can perform a simple test of your website’s mobile friendliness at Google’s GoMo site.


2. It has too much flash. 

Flash is really cool for visuals, but it doesn’t work well with search or Apple devices. So if you’re the kind of business that relies on search to be found, or if iPhone and iPad hipsters are your target audience, don’t be MIA with a flash-heavy website.


3. You’ve overoptimized it for search.

It may be a natural impulse to load up your website with keywords and keyword hyperlinks, but what you’ll probably create is an SEO nightmare. If it looks like overkill to you, it’s probably overkill to a search-engine spider, too.

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