5 quick Facebook advertising tips for e-commerce sites

Together with Google, Facebook is one of the most preferred media for online businesses to advertise their e-commerce sites. However, we can still observe that not many are utilising their ad dollars wisely, especially with Facebook constantly changing and updating its advertising page.

5 quick Facebook advertising tips for e-commerce sites

While our tips here are neither for experts nor complicated, we recommend you to walk-through these as it is easy to improve your Facebook advertising performance with just a few tweaks.

#1. Don’t grow Facebook fans anymore

Do you remember the good old days where people brag about number of Facebook fans they have?

Since you need to drive more sales to your e-commerce site, number of Facebook fans doesn’t guarantee any reach or traffic every time you make a new posting.

Think about your email blast, open rate (per cent of subscribers open your email) is one of the main metrics and you can say the same for reach on Facebook.

According to the latest research, less than 3 per cent of your Facebook fans will see your updates. If you have 10,000 Facebook fans, that means you can organically reach out to only 300 Facebook users on average.

Depending on your advertising objective, we recommend you to scrap growing your fans but activate Page Post Engagement to reach out to bigger audience thus driving more traffic to your e-commerce site.

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#2. Get people to visit your website directly

To continue from above, we have seen some e-commerce advertisers are obsessed about growing Facebook fans but neglecting direct-to-site ads.

Besides Page Post Engagement, Clicks to Website (or Website Conversions) is another ad type that e-commerce sites should also consider.

Think about it, rather than growing fans which you don’t see immediate return (if any), or reaching out your post to Facebook users, you can immediately drive traffic to your website with this ad type.

The only homework that you need to do is whether the cost (CPM or CPC) you invest here justify your RoI.

#3. Try custom audiences
Not many advertisers are aware of this feature even though it is available for quite some time already, until Facebook rolled it out recently in its advertising page.

If you already have a sizable email list or database, you should try Customer Audiences. Otherwise, forget about this.


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