3 Things That Could Halt The Growth Of Cloud Computing

Joanna Zamojta| Hostreview

In fact, it is expected to grow by leaps and bounds: a recent Morgan Stanley report states AWS revenue is expected to hit $24 billion by 2023.

Logic dictates competing cloud hosting providers will also see similar growth. However, things can go wrong.

Issues will come up, just like anything else in the tech world, that will not only slow the growth of this infrastructure, but halt it dead in its tracks if these issues aren’t addressed.

Here are three issues that could hinder the success of cloud computing, in order to lessen their chances of occurring.

1.False Advertisement

Some cloud hosting vendors are hoping you have no idea what the cloud is all about. In this way, they are able to sell you on their definition of the cloud and how their solution is going to be perfect for your company, without once asking about the applications you rely on.

If those who know nothing of the cloud believe these fantasies and sign up for cloud hosting services, there is bound to be an issue that results in failure somewhere along the line. This failure will then be blamed on the cloud, when instead it was nothing more than a compatibility issue easily resolved by having a firmer understanding of the cloud and all of the options available.

2.Lack Of Knowledge

The previous problem leads to this problem, which is unfortunately quite common. The powers that be select a board member (who happens to lack any sort of tech knowledge) to choose a cloud hosting solution. But how will this poorly informed decision benefit the company? It won’t. Prior to choosing a cloud solution, you need to look at your needs in depth. What applications does your company use? what does your current infrastructure look like?

Then, measure those answers against the cloud options available to you until you find the perfect fit. You must know all there is to know about the cloud prior to signing a contract. Otherwise, a myriad of things could happen: you end up with a single public cloud hosting provider when a hybrid solution was the best choice; the private cloud you went with ends up costing your company two times more than it should although no hardware or software was actually replaced; or the most common mistake, thinking that your current hardware and software vendor will provide you with the best possible cloud solution.

3.Lack Of Innovation

It happens every day in the tech industry: a highly innovative cloud provider startup enters the scene, and one day the bigger, less innovative company snatches them up. There goes innovation, and the cloud advancements either slow immensely or cease altogether. Not much can be done about this — you can’t say “don’t buy up that little startup, bigger corporation!”

All that bigger corporation is trying to do is get into the cloud game since they lack the innovation to do it themselves. All that can be done: hope that more innovative new startups replace the ones that are bought out. If they don’t, cloud computing simply won’t advance, plain and simple.

Although cloud computing’s success is uncertain, highlighting these issues brings us closer to correcting them.


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