3 Steps for Your Business to Get Up to Speed on Cloud Computing

Nicole Skuba| Nuagecg

The popularity of cloud computing is rising, but it is still sometimes difficult for small businesses to decide on whether they need it or not.

Based on a study by CompTIA (www.comptia.org), awareness on cloud computing by small and medium businesses (SMBs) has increased considerably, from 27% in 2012 to 78% early in 2013. Half of those who participated in the survey said they were going into cloud computing in the coming year.

You and your business may already be familiar with cloud computing, but do you already know the benefits beyond using the now ubiquitous Google Drive and similar services? Here are 3 steps to take so your business is up to speed on cloud computing.

1. Read Up on The Cloud. Cloud computing may look foggy, but a little reading can fix that. There’s plenty of information on the Internet, but if you require something more solid, you can get a book or two on cloud computing. One good text is Deconstructing Cloud, which has been reviewed by Kevin L. Jackson in his blog Cloud Musings (Deconstructing Cloud: An Excellent Guide).

2. Get Testimonials. With the rising number of enterprise cloud computing users, it’s likely that there’s some good word-of-mouth which has been picked up by businesses with an ear for the latest tech that can give them an advantage. Listen to what’s going around. If other companies are getting “ahead of the pack” using cloud computing, you can do the same, but listen to what they have to say.

3. Hire Cloud Experts. There’s little to doubt about the usefulness of the cloud in expanding a business. One attractive aspect of cloud computing is that it can be a ready, cost-effective, and managed infrastructure. For serious company concerns involving financial, administrative, and security data, it’s best to get the opinion and analysis of cloud experts to help you consider moving to cloud computing. Companies such as Hanover Direct have effectively embraced cloud computing with the help of consultants.

Your steps towards the cloud may be tentative, even wary at times. But with the proper preparation, you can make the right decision on cloud computing and finally make it a part of your business.


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