3 Really important Ingredients of a UX design company

Need leads to invention and invention leads to an end finished product which can make or break your company. In the context of hunger (being a very sane natural reason), the need arises of a cake which has to be made. How that cake results out to be, whether scrumptious and delectable, wholesome and filling or bland and unappealing, depends entirely and mainly on the ingredients that go into the making of that cake.

3 Really important Ingredients of a UX design company

Let’s apply this situation in User Experience. You need a good project and you end up hiring a company to create, launch and upgrade your project (not to forget the math and commerce involved). But the aftermath results in a complete disaster. As you sit down to do your evaluation, you find out that the company on itself was not upscale in their work. We are not here to criticize but we are here to aware the customer. So, on that note lets discuss the key ingredients that any customer or company whether big or small must look out for when selecting a company for its project.


It’s a very broad category though it mainly emphasis on the human work force. Many questions must be looked into:

  • How much exposure does the company have?
  • What is the experience and criterion of the employees?
  • What is the reputation of the company among its major or previous clients/competitors?
  • How well is the company settled in its field?
  • How do they add value to their projects?

Another aspect is the research field of that company. The seriousness with which they continue to willingly help you out even after the project is launched. The level of their readiness in cases of meeting deadlines and handling queries.


The main point to focus is to how well the company handles it data collected from various resources while working with you. The art of starting from scrap and playing with limited resources is where the efficiency of the company is revealed. How well settled and equipped they are to handle your project is another burning question which the company must be able to fully comprehend.

They must be equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of wire-framing and prototyping, design interfaces, plug-ins, search engine optimization and the list goes on.


This plays a very integral role in making things work. It is the glue that binds


people in an organization from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy. It can be spoken in various other words such as collaboration, understanding, and visual thinking on the same level, empathizing, team work etc. Every member of the company must have an understanding of the ongoing processes. A company having most of these elements will be able to achieve better understanding, coordination and hence and so forth will be able to produce much effective strategies leading to desired goals. Whilst succeeding in satisfying their customer on a grander scale. Thus, enjoying a good reputation amongst its stakeholders.


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