17 Lessons About Content Marketing for Small Business

Lee Odden | Toprankblog

17 Lessons About Content Marketing for Small Business

1. Whether you’re a big or small business, content is content. Many of the same rules apply. Content is essential for growing your company whether it’s a big brand or a mom and pop looking to expand.

2. If you’re not creating content on the web, you don’t exist. Consumers expect to find information about the things they need online and when they already know about a company, it’s even more important to provide useful content to answer questions.

3. (Content) Silver bullets don’t exist. Everyone is looking for a silver bullet content marketing solution. There are also a lot of people are trying to sell silver bullet solutions to small businesses. There is no such thing so be cautious.

4. Embrace that you’re a publisher. Have an editorial calendar so you know what you’re publishing next. Be strategic and plan it out.

5. Get your house in order. Make sure you have a website. Every social network is rented land and you’ll need somewhere to send people. Also have a social media presence – Facebook is a necessity.

6. What’s your story? Everyone has a story. Whether it’s about logging equipment or chemicals, there’s a story. Think about what your company stands for. What is your business passionate about? How does your story fit within all the content you’re planning and publishing for your company?

7. No one has enough time or money. At least that’s what most people say about content. Baloney! Content is instrumental for growing your business. Be smart about your time and find some for content creation.



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