10 Pioneers Of Cloud Computing


Bangalore:  Cloud computing has a very rich and elegant history. Filled with intellectuals and pioneers, the cloud paradigm is simply an amazing piece of archetype. But it’s quite hard to pick out each and every cloud innovators since the list is neither exhaustive nor all inclusive. And we are sure the list will get bigger from time to time because there are quite new innovators out there whose names we’re just beginning to hear and whose accomplishments will be well-known in the coming years.

The interesting part of cloud computing is that it’s just a decade old, but the growth rate simply has been astonishing when compared to slow nurturers like personal computing and client-server technology.

And then there are these pioneers. These guys grounded the seeds of cloud computing, watered them, waited for the exact time for the fruit to get ripe and then later on reaped the well-deserved benefits. From leaders like Amazon Web Services to Google’s Compute Engine and the recent Microsoft’s Azure, cloud computing has it all. So hold on to your seats, as its time that we delve into our list encompassing top 10 pioneers who are the forgers behind the incredible technology called Cloud Computing.


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